Mr. Glynn, Kingdom Filipina Hacienda sovereign, goes to Singapore

“I will never plead guilty or not guilty,” said Benjamin Glynn before Singapore District Judge Eddy Tham on August 5th, 2021. “The charges don’t apply to me,” adding that he is a “sovereign.”

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Pro tip: wash your shoelaces

It took just over a year for the laces in my trail running shoes to become kinda gross. More specifically, tying my shoes got gross. Before a run, tying my shoelaces is a mini-ritual. This began after buying a pair of Topo Ultraventures and taking a serious look at the extra eyelets. Previously I’d never really considered their purpose. Now that YouTube explains everything, after about six related videos describing the benefits of the heel lock lacing method, I decided to give that a go.

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Fact-based Buddhism

As I awoke this morning I was reincarnated, just like yesterday, the day before that and the preceding 21,391 days. That’s the perspective of “me”, the Reform Buddhist, or Liberal Buddhist – maybe better: the Progressive Buddhist. Sort of like the members of Reform Judaism and the Protestants, just with less magic.

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The Semantics of Clickbait

Producers of clickbait deserve credit for one thing; a keen awareness of misleading vocabulary. They don’t care that beneath the sensationalised and misleading headlines that they spew across social media and online news sites is vapid drivel that instantly bores the audience. No. All they care about is the volume of clicks. Clicks are kings. Nothing else matters.

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A Topo Ultraventure

BOOMZ! In the same instant I realised I had tripped, I had to accept that this was going to be a very hard landing. Running downhill on a rocky section of the MacRitchie Reservoir trail, it came down to just hoping that the body parts absorbing the brunt of the impact would not suffer catastrophic damage.

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