Dear Evan Corcoran,


It’s not every day that I read an unsealed affidavit for the search of a former United States president’s home/club/resort, but when I do, the last thing I expect to see is his defence attorney’s email address.

That was surprising. And now that we can correspond directly, I have so many questions!

Like; Did you willingly dox yourself?

dox: verb INFORMAL
search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the internet, typically with malicious intent.
“hackers and online vigilantes routinely dox both public and private figures”

Google/Definitions from Oxford Languages

Ok, you didn’t have to search for and publish your own email, you have people to do that for you. As for the malicious intent, is it possible that somewhere deep in your subconscious there is a feeling of regret with regard to your role as Donald J. Trump’s defence attorney? Could it be that this small morsel of emotion rose up in a desperate act of self-flagellation? Of course not for any sexual gratification but rather purely as an act of penance?

It certainly looks like you wanted your email to be “out there”. In your letter of May 25th, 2022, you specifically asked the DOJ to provide the letter, with your name and email right up there at the heading, to “any grand jury considering evidence in connection with this matter, or any grand jury asked to issue a subpoena for testimony or documents in connection with this matter.”

Of course that’s not exactly the same as saying, “let the whole world have my email.” No. You specifically limited the potential recipients to grand jury members. But while Judge Reinhart was considering the requests to unseal the affidavit, requests that you surely were aware of, you did have the chance to request the redaction of your email address. True?

If you decided to let this detail sail through unopposed, I must say, Evan, you are a brave man. I can only imagine a fraction of the many consequences you might now face as a result.

Maybe you are already facing such consequences? Is your inbox inundated with announcements of the latest best offer for leaf filters that can keep all your gutters clear? Is Four Seasons Total Landscaping sending quotes for mowing your lawn? Have you received William Chalmers’ free Investors’ Guide for 2022? (Mine arrived on August 2nd. Seems somewhat late, but there are still four months of investments ahead. If you want, I can forward it to you. No problem.)

And the social consequences. All those grammar school, high school, university folks and DC US Attorney’s Office dweebs that you thought you finally escaped – now they can reach out again and drag you back into discussions you’d rather not entertain. Sad.

Anyway, like all Americans, even in view of how deplorable he is, Donald J. Trump, thanks to the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, does have the right to counsel, so your present service to him is, in a strange way, laudable, no matter how distasteful it may be for you.

The weird thing is, all this doxxing business could be a complete misunderstanding on my part. Your email is not only found in Exhibit 1, but it’s also available on the Silverman Thompson website right there at the top of your corporate profile. I guess that’s prima facie evidence that this unsealed affidavit doxing is complete malarkey, as the actual, elected POTUS would say.

My bad.

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