Things I learned today

Impermanence applies to everything. I am very stupid, at times, except for when I am very wise, before becoming stupid again.

Tess Rafferty is a wonderful novelist.

After almost sixty years of toilet use, I now use my bath towel more often than toilet paper to dry my bottom.

American politics is a terrible distraction.

The colour of my new Hush Puppy boxers matches the colour of my trousers (and I have a photo to prove it).

Attempting to convince others of anything can be futile and is hardly ever worth the effort.

Books are full of fantastic surprises.

The perceived magnitude of problems is often greater than the actual magnitude.

As things are against us, there is a good argument to avoid attachment to things.

Electrical waves and magnetic waves are related to light waves – which has me thinking even more of Amber Waves by Tori Amos.

A Twitter hashtag claiming that YouTube is down is no longer accurate, if, indeed, it ever was.

Finally the human species is embracing the virtual nature of everything.

To employ footnotes in a WordPress blog, one must install plugins (or just make manual footnotes…)

In the context of this blog post, today is loosely defined.

On that note, Sartre and I are both blind in one eye.

If I believed in reincarnation, or to put it another way, if I accepted the theory of reincarnation, Sartre was the Buddha. (Since I don’t, he’s just dead.)

It doesn’t matter that existentialism is ill-defined.

There is a big difference between Tony Robbins and Eckhart Tolle.

It is a good idea to remember that there are other things to do besides blogging.


(if there were footnotes, there’d be one with a reference to bidet hoses)

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