Newsletter Number Whatever

BIG things have happened since the last newsletter.

I read At The Existentialist Cafe by Sarah Bakewell and Resistance by Tori Amos. Have you? In some ways these two books are identical. Now reading Tess Rafferty‘s Under the Tuscan Gun.

I also created a new Twitter account @TTimlen because enough with politics already, lah.

There are a few draft blog posts that have not yet reached publication stage here with titles that will entrance you all;

Generation hangups,
Topo is a running shoe?,
insane by design,
I quit,
Ban Christmas,
The Replacement(s), and
Let’s Get Metaphysical

(misuse of the citation block recognised)

The Topo thing, with Xero Shoes, has kinda changed the way I walk and run. How it took me 58 years to finally learn to walk and run correctly says a lot about how misinformed the human race is. Or is it just me?

Is it a cliche to ponder 2020? Conventional wisdom says everyone has hated 2020. Personally I have loved it. Go figure. Meditate maybe. Anyone miss the TSA pat-downs?

You’re still here? Great, that’s at least one reader who wandered past and decided to stay for a while. Thanks for that! I’m gonna wrap it up here as there’s a few other things to see to on this glorious Monday while I have the week off.


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