The beautiful tears

At first I mistook the song as Angie, but it was Wild Horses.

The song almost made me cry. One song that always brings tears is Step Out by Jose Gonzalez. It’s not the lyrics or the music, but rather the entirety of the piece combined with the passion of Walter Mitty, pursuing his goal, and achieving it.

Overcoming insurmountable odds. Perhaps the tears are of joy. Of celebrating human perseverance. Not giving up. Surviving.

Or maybe it is the idea that love is a force of immense energy, sometimes overwhelming?

Whatever the reason for the tears, crying is a good thing. Spiritually cleansing. I am grateful for the music, the films, the art that can bring tears to my eyes.

The tears are a welcome reminder that, after all, I am human, living amongst many beautiful humans.

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Published by Thomas Timlen

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