Shoe Wars: Puma vs Mizuno!

Spoiler alert; Puma wins, hands down. Just consider the sole. After 6.1 km (3.8 mi) the sole of the Puma Trailfox MTS-Water is rock-solid, not a trace of separation from the shoe body. The Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3? Look at the feature photo up there. The sole is hardly hanging on after only 1,829.7 km (1,136.9 mi). You could smuggle five generations of criminal rapist South American migrants into Texas in that gap at the toe. Bigly.

The Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 and the Puma Trailfox MTS-Water
The Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 and the Puma Trailfox MTS-Water

You think the Mizuno looked bad at the toe? The heel ain’t much better. Cable ties can’t even keep the sole attached to the shoe body. After 18 km (11 mi) the dang cable tie broke. Meanwhile, after 6.1 km (3.8 mi) the Puma is solid, a virgin white mass of cushy EVA rubber stuff inspired by the White Cliffs of Dover, or so I’m told.

Now let’s talk traction!

The Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 and the Puma Trailfox MTS-Water

The Mizuno sole is pretty flat and lacks the stubby things (lugs?) seen on the Puma. Here I will be serious for a second or two. Previously I ran 540 km (336 mi) on the Mizuno Wave Creation 12 – which had a more grippy, rubbery sole, so when I got the Wave Prophecy 3 they did feel less grippy on wet and slick surfaces. Out of the box I looked at the Wave Prophecy 3 soles and thought, “plastic?”

Meanwhile, I did not expect the Pumas to slip at all, but this morning they did not grip well in three situations during a run after lots of rain; on polished brick steps, metal drain covers and those bumpy yellow tile things at road crossings for blind people. Otherwise, the grip of the Pumas was way better than the Mizunos.

You may be wondering why I only ran 540 km in the Mizuno Wave Creation 12. It was blood. Somehow the inner just above the heel in the right shoe developed a hole that chewed into my foot, leaving my sock blood stained and my foot mildly injured. That situation was not sustainable.

So, back to the shoe wars! What’s left to tell?

Puma Trailfox MTS-Water and the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3

Ok, from the front the Mizuno does look happier with its dumb yet friendly toothless smile, and it did hold the Garmin cadence monitor better that the Puma because of the Puma’s weird thingy going up the middle of the laces, leaving less room for that cadence monitor.

Price-wise Puma clearly defeats the Mizuno. I paid over SGD 300 (215 USD) for the Wave Prophecy 3, but only SGD 69 (49 USD) for the Trailfox MTS-Water at a Puma factory outlet.

Why was I using Mizunos? Concerns regarding my knees resulted with the Mizuno purchases as the Wave Creation 12 and Wave Prophecy 3 have maximum shock absorption. Now, ten years later and with no knee issues, I decided to give trail running shoes a try. On some steep downhill sections this morning the shock absorption with the Pumas did just fine. Now let’s see if they can last for 1,829.7 km (1,136.9 mi)!

A last observation; the Puma comes with the no-tie required laces! I bought such laces for the Mizunos – so it was great to see this convenient beloved feature on the Trailfox MTS-Waters. Thanks Puma!

Finally, in fairness, here’s a pic of the Mizunos when they were young and beautiful. After so many kilometres together, I do still love them. Adieu, mon vieilles chaussures!

The pre-abused Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3

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