Newsletter Number 2

So, if I recall correctly, this is what’s been happening since the last newsletter.


I’ve got a few draft blogs, hopefully the one about visiting Chiang Rai has been published by now (It was, but another one about my stay in Mae Salong remains under development). Will the two other drafts, The Replacement(s) and Let’s Get Metaphysical ever be published? I dunno.

facebook, adieu!

On the day that a Russian agent was impeached, I deleted my account from the platform that played an instrumental role in putting him in the White House. Can deleting my Instagram and WhatsApp be far behind? Maybe.

meanwhile on Twitter

It doesn’t happen often, but one of my Tweets got 2,758 likes (was seen 146,147 times), retweeted 661 times (and received 113 replies, a.k.a. comments, which, ratio-wise, means it resonated with my peeps). Yeah, I am savouring this, cause usually I get a max of 2 likes!

other social medias

I got philosophical on Tumbler and paranormal on YouTube.


I haven’t done any Christmas shopping, because consumerism. And I’m not a Christian. And consumerism.

a hyperlink question

The default here is that links will open in this browser window, although I’ve always preferred that they open in a new window. Thoughts?

culture and politics

I dunno. Was listening to Alanis Morissette, Bowie, Sex Pistols, Dido, new age relaxation tracks and nature sounds, Bob Dylan, The Waterboys, U2, Sex Pistols, the Lana Del Rey track Ultraviolence on repeat. Music is empowering and calming.

I’m not in a rush to see the new Star Wars film. I will be watching the Big Lebowski for the 30th time within the next 48 hours, or sooner (it happened last night, Dude). On podcasts Nicolle Wallace and Preet Bharara appear to be my current favs, as I don’t always have the patience for Rachel Maddow. I love Rachel, she highlights important stuff, but it sometimes seems to take a long long long long long time to get to the point…..

That should be plenty for Newsletter Number 2 lah.

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Where to begin? Perhaps the web content says it best...

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