Oh dear… (now)

Nothing we “know” is true.


Towards the train home

Amongst “commuters”

Immersed in music

In a noise-cancelled soundscape


Yet surounded

(Is this a poem?)

Who cares if this is a poem

Fuck that

Embrace the invincibility

Embrace the focus

Do this!

Embrace the beauty of the situation

The professional production and execution of kick-ass awesome music while surrounded by imbeciles and geniuses


The lyrical references to my hometown

(How the fuck did that happen?)


Yeah, sure.

On the crest of a humongous wave about to crash beyond the beach like a benevolent tsunami


Pity the unenlightened

Envy the enlightened

Where is Ginsberg?

Where is Kerouac?

Where is Kanye?

(All in the same putrid holy place)

Alanis put them all

(And me)

In the front row


Published by Thomas Timlen

Where to begin? Perhaps the web content says it best...

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