Copenhagen in January?

We’re looking to go to Copenhagen for a weekend in January (cold and wet I know)… . Question: what area of town is best to stay in for the fun nights out? Any sights that we should definitely check out?

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Ok, you’re right, it’s gonna be cold. REALLY FUCKING COLD! So what could be better than visiting a nice warm historic pub in the center of the city? That’d be Hviids Vinstue at Kongen’s Nytorv. It’s older than the United States and the waiters are rumoured to be former boxers. From there visitors to Denmark have lots of options; head south down the pedestrian street Støget (ok, west), head over to the pubs and restaurants of Nyhavn, followed by a stroll over Inderhavnsbroen a.k.a. “the kissing bridge” and an exploration of Christianshavn and then Christiania (offering the ultimate counter-culture alternative society with indoor warm cafes).

I was gonna turn to lodging, but you should eat first. Go to RizRaz – superb Mediterranean kinda buffet. Enjoy it with beer (I usually do). Other places for nosh would be; Sahil, Urten, Halifax burgers, The Taco Shop, and well, there’s more than eating..

Beer; Carlsberg Museum is worth a visit because after the beer history there’s a nice cafe to do some beer drinking. It’s not like the old days when guests had an unlimited beer supply at the end of the brewery tour but it’s still worthwhile. The best thing to do after that is visit another really old Copenhagen pub that has a unique antique beer draught, selling the world’s only slow beer – it takes a while to pull so everyone buys a bottle to enjoy during the wait. The pub for this is Vinstue 90 and 100% worth a visit.

Yes, where to lodge, we’ll get to that, first, general places to check out; the meat city or Kødbyen – I’m not an expert on this area as it developed after I left Denmark, but it’s said to be happening. Another happening area is a street of cafes and clubs called Laederstaede… where you’ll also find RizRaz!

Did I mention it’s gonna be cold?

As far as lodging, with both old and new train and bus lines heading into the center of Copenhagen from all over the place, I’d just say, “Find a good rate at a place near a train station or bus stop, lah.” I used to use Skandic hotels for the bare essentials and breakfast buffet. Another place to consider is Strand Hotel.

Did I mention Charlies? It’s a cozy small pub with the best selection of brews. If you go, ask if Steve is there, he’s a member. He can tell you all my secrets.

The word beer appeared nine times in the blog. Yup.

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