A Topo Ultraventure

BOOMZ! In the same instant I realised I had tripped, I had to accept that this was going to be a very hard landing. Running downhill on a rocky section of the MacRitchie Reservoir trail, it came down to just hoping that the body parts absorbing the brunt of the impact would not suffer catastrophic damage.

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The beautiful tears

At first I mistook the song as Angie, but it was Wild Horses.

The song almost made me cry. One song that always brings tears is Step Out by Jose Gonzalez. It’s not the lyrics or the music, but rather the entirety of the piece combined with the passion of Walter Mitty, pursuing his goal, and achieving it.

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The Covidiot

As I walked down the road a stranger approached me, extended his hand, and asked, “Hey, how are you?”

My previously relaxed right hand quickly curled up into a clenched fist as my arm moved behind my back, resting against my lower spine.

Without missing a beat, my walk continued.

This is 21 July 2020. Globally 14,703,293 people have tested positive for Covid-19. 609,887 have died. Here in Singapore, as soon as you step into the public space you must don a mask. Hand sanitiser dispensers are everywhere.

And he thinks I am going to shake his hand?

Sometimes, it is difficult to remain optimistic regarding the destiny of the human species.

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My carcass

The phone rang. The NYPD wanted to talk to me. My father’s cadaver had to be identified. I was living 3,827 miles away in Denmark. After the call, I downed some whiskey and phoned my father’s number to hear his answering machine greeting, to quell the fear that I might forget the sound of his voice (29 years later I still haven’t. We still have occasional nocturnal chats in my dreams). Meanwhile, in New York, his partner took care of the cadaver ID formalities.

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Shoe Wars: Puma vs Mizuno!

Spoiler alert; Puma wins, hands down. Just consider the sole. After 6.1 km (3.8 mi) the sole of the Puma Trailfox MTS-Water is rock-solid, not a trace of separation from the shoe body. The Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3? Look at the feature photo up there. The sole is hardly hanging on after only 1,829.7 km (1,136.9 mi). You could smuggle five generations of criminal rapist South American migrants into Texas in that gap at the toe. Bigly.

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