Your soul is nothing more than thoughts

Barbara Ehrenreich compiled a wonderful collection of historical views relating to the invention of ‘self’ as well as the concept of a ‘soul’ in Chapter Eleven: The Invention of the Self in her book, Natural Causes.

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Just when I was getting optimistic… “people”

It’s not easy to be optimistic these days. Anyone that is overtly optimistic could justifiably be labelled as delusional. Each time I make an effort to look on the bright side, there’s a hurdle. Like just now; I never knew who Jordan Peterson was before viewing a YouTube video in which he is debating Sam Harris. After just a few minutes, a knife cut right through whatever optimism I was harbouring in that moment.

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Elizabeth’s dog

Not many people know this, but Elizabeth had a miniature poodle, Bella was her name.

Bella had gotten very old and sickly. Suffering from arthritis and a deteriorating nervous system, poor Bella would go into convulsions during walks. After a few steps, her muscles would spasm and she would lurch backwards. After a few seconds, she would then be able to take a few more steps before the next spasm gripped her tiny, frail body.

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Dear Evan Corcoran,


It’s not every day that I read an unsealed affidavit for the search of a former United States president’s home/club/resort, but when I do, the last thing I expect to see is his defence attorney’s email address.

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Garmin Instinct 2 Solar: How low can it go?

A few days ago I purchased a Garmin Instinct 2 Solar because I really hate the “Low Battery” notifications that appeared on previous devices I was using for longer bicycle rides. What can be worse than the data recording ending before the activity has been completed?

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Pleasing no one, proving nothing

Mark Shaw’s Collateral Damage

“JFK’s trusting Marylin with top-secret unidentified flying object (UFO) data” forced RFK to plot her murder, unless, of course, one of the other half-dozen revelations in this book was the actual reason. Or maybe it was the full weight of all the revelations combined? “No one knows for sure,” says Shaw… repeatedly, and then some more. So much for new proof.

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May vegans use steak knives?

“Do you take onion and garlic?”

Early on in my vegan life I was startled while ordering a meal in a vegetarian restaurant as the waitress asked me if I ate garlic and onions. Like, they’re both in the plant food groups, right? That was perhaps the first of several weird vegan-related questions that I’ve encountered since 2016.

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I fell on my face

Falling on my face was not the intention I left home with at quarter to six in the morning. The plan was only to run a modest ten kilometres.

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